Friday, March 2, 2012

Grey Dog and Denim

This card uses the image of a dog.  It's name is "Latte" (The name of my Maltese).  It has been colored grey.  You can see the YouTube video on how to color it here:


There were only two colors used, W2, and W5 -- both warm greys.  Warm greys are used when you want your grey to have a warm color -- more yellow, red, orange.  These greys are often used with animals, tree trunks, etc.  
The exception for the dog, is when you are coloring a white dog, in which you would use the cool greys, to make your whites pop out more.  (See YouTube video of coloring a white dog -- Latte image.  
Copic Animal Dog color

The digi image can be purchased here: ($2.99)

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