Monday, May 21, 2012

Hair Hair Hair -- How do you color hair, and what markers do you need?  One of the biggest question we get is what markers do I used for hair.  Now, I am going to give you some answers.

 Real hair has many many colors.   I decided to get logical about this question.  To begin with, I am going to post hair using color families. 

So watch this post, or go to my Pinterest board  (

The first color family I am using is the Earth tones in the 20's.  This family of browns tend to be warm.  Some look almost blond going to a brown, brunette, and auburn.  The markers I used are E21,23,25,27,29.  I colored the base coat first.  The first color listed is the base coat.  Then progressed on.  See the YouTube video to check it out.

E-mail me at and I will e-mail you this image and a blank image to color your own free of charge.

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