Saturday, January 21, 2012

Get ready for horses and dinosaurs

Jennifer is absolutely amazing.  We have some talented staff at CopicClassroom and Scrap It Plus -- but, we fire Jennifer everytime she comes in to "work" her second job.  (You know the starving artist syndrome).  Jennifer is so amazing in so many ways, she makes us all look like amateurs.  She draws, paints, makes jewelry, leather, wood, paints on furniture, draws and paints murals, etches,  and more, more more.  Her motto is "Yes, of course, I can do that". . .  Oh, yes, she also redoes cars and hunts deer. 

Jennifer and I have lots in common -- Jennifer and I are both twins.  We BOTH love horses, love art, love learning and creating.  We love our BOYS -- my boys and her boy.  . .We are a team made in heaven -- with many years between us.  She calls me MOM -- I tell her to "GET to WORK" like any mom would tell her.

OK -- today, she worked.  I wanted her to draw dinosaurs.  So an hour later I had 5 dinosaurs, ready for my resizing, Photoshop/Illustrator fixing , and getting ready to sell.  Yes, It takes me much longer to get it ready than it takes her to draw it. 

Then we have to color it, make a card, get instructions ready and the like. . .

So here is a SHOUT OUT for Jennifer -- Yeah Jennifer.


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